Why use Vantage Research for international market research?

Vantage Research are a UK based Market Research company who specialise in helping companies with their global market entry strategy or improving growth in their existing global markets.

Vantage Research Agency provide the following benefits:

- Risk reduction

What works in the UK may not work well in other countries. Vantage Research Agency offers specialist international market research services that will bring visibility to the economic environment you are considering entering or developing. Not only do we look at the financials, we can also consider, cultural, political, logistical and environmental issues that may also effect your success.

We actively promote research led, planned and strategic entry into international markets to gain the best possible chances of ongoing success.

We have a range of case studies, where companies haven’t taken this approach and failed, always incurring major costs. These can be made available upon request.

- Global network

We have built a trusted global network of contacts that work as our ‘ears to the ground’ in the top 15 world economies. This ‘real world’ reporting and research gathering when combined with traditional research techniques gives you a true competitive edge.

- Practical, commercial and grounded

We know that research alone has little value unless it is understood and acted upon. As part of the Vantage service, we not only provide you with the research data, we also supply clear, commercial action steps and guidance on how to make the information work for your company. Invaluable information for senior management teams.

- Decision support

Successful business is usually based on informed decision. Operating in a global market is risky and expensive so it pays to get it right first time.

We not only gather market research for our clients, but we can also help them make decisions. Typical questions we advise on are…

  • Is there a credible Year 1/Year 2 business case for launch in China?
  • Which of our products should we lead with in the USA?
  • Which of our competitors are already in India? Is our USP strong enough to compete there?
  • Will margins be better or worse than the UK?
  • Will the distribution model we have in the UK, work in Japan?
  • How much Year 1 time will senior staff have to spend in Qatar to ensure a successful launch?
  • What’s the most cost-effective promotional strategy in Brazil?
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