Global market research services overview

We believe you will find Vantage Market Research a refreshing change to other market research agencies. We not only gather data for our customers, but also help bring commercial meaning to the data.

Our core market research services that help your international expansion are:


Prioritising International Markets -
Which Should We Tackle First?

- A rational structure for selecting target markets
- How to size the opportunity in the local market

Market Entry Support -
How Do We Ensure a Successful Launch?

- Our core service, end-to-end research and consultancy
- Guarantees a strategic entry to the selected market
- Decision support on whether and how to launch successfully

Market Review -
How Do we Improve What We Have Got?

- Quicker, smaller market investigation
- Ideal for tactical adjustment to an existing market presence (e.g. basis for renegotiating distribution/partner arrangements, targeting new customer segments etc)

Competitive Marketing and Promotional Guidance -
Are We Missing A Trick?

- Competitor intelligence and how to respond effectively
- Uncovering successful promotional strategies/best practice in the local market


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