About Vantage Research: International Market Research Specialists

Vantage Research, International Market Research Specialists was
founded in 2008 in
response to the
unique needs of
companies who
were expanding

Business models that worked well in the UK needed refining to exploit highly competitive global markets, especially in countries where trade laws and legislative requirements were greatly different to ours, let alone cultural differences.

We saw that market research gathering in these global market places was not enough. Companies also needed specialist consultants to help them make sense of all the data and how it might effect their plans for growth.

And so, Vantage Research as International Market Research Specialists was born. We are a team of market research experts with a variety of specialist skills to support international market entry. As long term members of the Market Research Society, we implement best practice when conducting our research and we have successfully supported companies of all sizes with their plans for expansion.

Our international market research specialists not only uncover market insights, they also work out detailed implications for your business.


A global network of International Market Research Specialists

However, our real strength lies in the network of global research partners we have built up over the years.

Our extended network has contacts in the top 15 global markets, including the emerging BRIC markets. This, we believe, gives us a competitive edge over ‘traditional’ research agencies as we not only draw on available data, we also have first hand contacts ‘on the ground’ in the countries you are focusing on.

Specialist areas

Although we will work with all industry sectors, we have particular experience in:-

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Recruitment
  • Business Services
  • Architecture and Design
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